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At Bluestone, we conduct phase I through phase IV clinical trials in medical and dental research with a focus on oral health.

As a state-of-the-art, full service clinical research facility, Bluestone has the space, people and expertise to accommodate all the needs of our clients.


Bluestone Newsroom

NYU Dentistry Receives $2.8 Million as Part of Multi-Center Study to Stop the Progression of Cavities in Children

New York - 2017-10-10. NIH-Funded Study to Test Cavity-Fighting Liquid at Three Clinical SitesThe National Institute of Den... Continue...

NYU Bluestone Center Researchers Discover That Skin Color Affects Skin Sensitivity to Heat and Mechanical Stimuli

New York - 2017-09-05. Finding may have implications for the clinical treatment of painResearchers at the Bluestone Center ... Continue...

Dental Researchers Awarded NIH Grant for Microbiome Research to Identify Biomarkers for Tongue Cancer

New York - 2017-08-03. The research has the potential to lead to the development of novel therapeutic approaches to oral ca... Continue...

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