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  1. Two overnight clinical research suites with the capacity for pharmacokinetic
         and pharmaco-dynamic studies

  2. Four medical examination rooms optimized for privacy during physical
         exams, history taking and specimen collection

  3. Two surgical operatories equipped for out-patient procedures and sedation

  4. Dental facility consisting of 8 operatories, each equipped with digital
         intraoral radiography

  5. Radiology suite for digital extra-oral radiography

  6. Secured, temperature controlled and monitored storage room for records,
         medications, medical equipment and biomedical devices

  7. Administrative offices

  8. Separate office space for study recruiter, research nurse practitioner,
         and bio-statisticians

  9. 12-seat multimedia conference room

  10. Computer, Internet and clinical informatics support including electronic
         data capture; wireless web-based connectivity; password-protected,
         web-based and PAR-11 compliant systems

  11. Biological laboratory with refrigerated centrifuge, -86 ˚C freezer, general-
         purpose laboratory refrigerator/freezer, and an A/B3 biohazard hood.

  12. Dental laboratory with suction, air, deep sink, grinder, and lathe.

  13. Comfortable reception area for study participants.




Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, reception

Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, staff area

Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, patient suite

Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, dental laboratory