As a full-service clinical research facility, Bluestone has the clinical and lab facilities, people and expertise to accommodate a vast array of medical and dental clinical trials.

Clinical research suites

Two overnight clinical research suites are available for pharmaco-kinetic and pharmaco-dynamic studies.

Medical examination rooms

Bluestone offers four private medical examination rooms which are used for physical exams, history taking, and specimen collection.

Surgical operatories

Two surgical operatories are equipped for out-patient procedures and sedation.

Dental facilities

Our dental facility consists of eight operatories, each equipped with digital intraoral radiography.

A radiology suite allows for digital extra-oral radiography.

Secured, temperature controlled and monitored storage room

Bluestone contains a secure storage room that is temperature controlled and monitored. Patient records, medications, medical equipment and biomedical devices are stored in this location. This secure room also contains a safe and refrigerator that meet all DEA regulations for the storage of controlled substances.

Administrative offices

The Bluestone facility contains work spaces for study recruiters, research nurses, and research coordinators. We also have an in-house multimedia conference room that seats 12 and offers internet access. Clinical informatics support including electronic data capture and wireless web-based connectivity is available.


Bluestone houses one biological and one general-purpose laboratory. A broad variety of samples can be pre-processed, stored, and shipped or analyzed depending on study requirements. We also maintain a sample database; each sample is coded, tracked, and monitored for proper storage.

Our biological laboratory features a refrigerated centrifuge, -86 ˚C freezer, general-purpose laboratory refrigerator/freezer, and an A/B3 biohazard hood.

The dental laboratory is equipped with suction, air, deep sink, and dental-model grinder.

Comfortable reception area