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Oral Leukoplakia

Do you have red or white spots on your tongue or in your mouth?
Status: Completed.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate how a product made from soybeans named Bowman-Birk Inhibitor Concentrate (BBIC) affects white or red patches in your mouth (oral leukoplakia).  BBIC is derived from soybeans and belongs to a class of compounds known as protease-inhibitors. 

Some experimental data suggests that soybean derived protease-inhibitors have a strong effect against cancer in animals. The exact mechanism by which this works is unclear. The study will also look at any side effects when taking this study medication.

Study Background:

Leukoplakia is a common, potentially pre-cancerous disease of the mouth that involves the formation of red or white spots on the tongue and inside the mouth. Despite the increased risk associated with having leukoplakia, many people with this condition never develop oral cancer.