Bluestone Trials

HIV-Associated Diarrhea Study

Do you suffer from HIV-Associated Diarrhea?
Status: Completed.

We are testing an investigational medicine that may help control HIV-associated diarrhea. You have to be at least 18 years of age and HIV-positive in addition to other eligibility criteria to participate in this study.  

Study Details:

At the first visit of this study, the doctor will make sure you are eligible to participate. If you qualify for the study, you may be reimbursed for certain expenses connected to completed clinic visits. If enrolled, you will continue to come to the NYU Bluestone Center for Clinical Research for eight more visits over the course of 28 weeks to receive your study medication and study related assessments. During the trial, you will receive your study medication at no cost to you and the study team will closely monitor your health.

Study Background: 

Diarrhea is a common and concerning problem for many people with HIV. Besides being uncomfortable, it can have negative effects on your lifestyle, your ability to work and your response to HIV therapy. Therefore, managing diarrhea is crucial for improving overall efficacy of anti-viral drug therapies, as well as quality of life, and controlling weight loss in HIV-positive subjects. 

Approximately half of HIV/AIDS patients will experience diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea not only has a massive impact on patients’ quality of life but it can also affect their treatment. Severe diarrhea can decrease absorption of antiretroviral medications, which may decrease the effectiveness of HIV related antiretroviral therapy. As a result, some doctors may switch their patient to another antiretroviral treatment, possibly reducing future treatment options.